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A little about me...My name is Allison Morrison and I am from Louisiana. I graduated from L.S.U.. and have a B.A. in Journalism and minors in Advertising, Communications, and Economics. I am an only child, so I found comfort and security with my Labradors my entire childhood and through college.

I moved to South Carolina and worked for a vet as an Office Manager and I was also a Certified Vet Tech. I gained so much knowledge there, but then I moved to Virginia. I discovered the English Labrador 17 years ago and I have been mentoring under Peggy Parries to learn as much as possible about genetics and how to eliminate disease in the English Labrador. While I love all Labradors and Lab mixes, I have seen how the lack of educated breeding leads to terrible diseases like hip dyplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and neurologic/muscular disease. While I am not God, I strive to eliminate as many common diseases as possible so that the Labs enjoy a healthy life and owners avoid unnecessary veterinary costs. 

I love the original English Labrador that was bred to retrieve in the water. I do not believe in diluted Labradors. There are only Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Labradors and I say no to Silver. I am a small kennel and I want to stay this way. My dogs must pass OFA Hips, OFA elbows, EIC, CNM, & PRA. I raise and care for the puppies inside my home, socialize them, and keep them safe from disease. I only have a few litters per year. I do not ship. I will meet you at the airport if you want to fly in to pick up your puppy.

My goal is to produce exquisite conformation; a strong build, a solid structure, and conformation detailed by the AKC. I breed only to improve the breed and major attention is given to an even temperment. I take time to match the puppies to the correct, pre-screened owners. I also re-home labs, board on a limited basis, and support spay and neuter for my puppies. I sell on limited papers meaning that you may not breed your puppies. My Labradors are bred for excellence in the field, water retrieving, service, show, and as pets. My puppies come back to Carvins Cove English Labradors for any reason, for the rest of their life, if the original owner can no longer keep them.

If I do not have what you are looking for, please contact Laurel Fork Labradors! If she does not have what you are looking for, I work with many other kennels, so I will try to help you find the perfect dog or puppy that will fit your dream!

 Please do not hesitate to call or message me for any other information. I hope to meet you soon :)

Ringo puppy

Ringo Side

Ringo's Sire--Gainesfield Ace of Cakes --Duffy

Duffy, candid shot

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