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Puppy Questionnaire

Listed below are some brief questions which we request that you answer in order to help us learn more about you, as well as helping us know the temperament of the puppy which would fit your needs best.

Of course, we also like to spend time talking with you on the phone as well as to emphasize that you are always welcome to come visit our farm and play with our Labs. As you may gather from our website, our Labs are our passion and hobby. They, as well as our other animals, have been an integral part of our life for many years. When we breed a litter, we do not do so in order to 'make' money, but to keep a puppy in order to continue and improve our breeding program. First and foremost, we believe that our puppies provide the unconditional love and companionship to others that they have done for us for so many years. Thank you for spending the time in filling out the form.



Phone Number:

1. What are your interests in obtaining a Labrador puppy? What kind of activities will you engage in with your puppy?

2. Do you have a fenced in area? Labradors are not porch dogs and require a contained area. Please describe the living arrangements for your new puppy.     Yes      No  

3. We require that your puppy goes to puppy/socialization classes after it has received three rounds of shots. Are you willing to do this?     Yes      No  

4. All of our puppies are sold on limited registration. Do you understand what this means? Occasionally there are exceptions where we co-own the puppy with a full registration in case that puppy meets the requirement for possible inclusion in continuing the Carvin´s Cove line? Are you willing to participate in this program?
Yes      No  

5. Do you understand what limited registration means?      Yes      No  

6. Under no circumstances whatsoever will your puppy/dog be turned into a shelter or rescue. We will always take your puppy back and find a new home.
Do you agree to this?      Yes      No  

7. Do you understand that a dog is a life-long commitment, but will bring you many, many hours of joy and happiness. However, there will be Vet bills, dog food bills, etc. ?
Yes      No  

8. If there is not a puppy available of the particular sex you would like, are you willing to consider another?      Yes      No  

Remember, all puppies are sold on a limited registration, which means that they are to be spayed or neutered. However, we also respect your choice. Please be aware that since we only breed one or two litters a year, we maintain a long waiting list for upcoming litters.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. Please be aware that we are always eager to answer any of your questions and that if you are in need of a place to board your dog, we will be more than glad to do so.

8. Is there anything you would like to let us know?



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