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Puppy Replacement Guarantee

Carvins Cove English Labradors has a puppy replacement guarantee for hips for 25 months and a health guarantte for 3 days after pick up. If it is determined by a veterinarian that less than FAIR hips, as assessed by OFA, are the direct result of genetics, Carvin's Cove English Labradors will replace the puppy with one from a future litter. Carvin's Cove English Labradors guarantees that puppies will be healthy when you pick them up. All veterinarian cost associated with a hip assessment will be at the buyers cost. A veterinarian receipt will be necessary to get a replacement puppy.

 If it is determined by a veterinarian and OFA that the puppy has less than FAIR hips, we will replace the puppy. All AKC paperwork will be returned with the puppy/dog. All costs associated with the diagnosis, money spent to return the dog, and all surgical costs are the buyers and money will not be refunded. I do puppy replacements only. If the buyer wants to keep the original puppy, then another contract will be signed outlining that the dog will be spayed or neutered, the dog will never be sent to a shelter, and Carvin's Cove English Labradors is the only re-home option. I do this to protect the puppy and to insure that the "faulty" genetics will not go any further. 
While I strive to insure that my puppies/dogs have the very best genetics, I am not God! Throwback genetics occur from time to time leaving the human knowledge of genetics a bit unknown. Many variables can occur outside of Carvins Cove English Labradors that would cause a health or hip issue. Inadequate nutrition, excessive jumping and exercise, injury from a fall, or even blatant abuse at a young age can cause health or joint issues in a growing Labrador puppy. 
I do not replace puppies or money due to other problems after 3 days because there are too many variables that could cause injury to elbows, knees, cruciate ligamnets or organs. 
All puppies will be vet checked and cleared of any health issues, micro-chipped, and de-wormed before they leave Carvin's Cove English Labradors. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 540-312-1915!
May you have a blessed day,
Allison Morrison--Owner/Operator of Carvins Cove English Labradors.
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